People always ask what SAMA means. It started as kind of a joke. It was a sleeting, snowy day in early December. My friend and I were surfing a swell in Grand Haven. I looked over at him knowing we were supposed to both be at pre-Christmas family functions soon, and said "We are like Self Absorbed Michigan Adventurers." That kind of stuck, and like many of our friends we have a common passion for outdoor sports in Michigan, and we go out in any weather to get our sessions. He replied "Ya, SAMA!"

So it was born, the SAMA logo was fashioned by another like minded surfer friend from Grand Haven. SAMA is for all of you year round Michiganders and vacationers who know, love, and respect all the outdoor activities there are to do in Michigan. No matter the weather you will find us us out enjoying all the benefits of our unique freshwater paradise.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Icemen Cometh

Rev Mike and Scott, two eternally stoked dudes! Showing us that a hot shower is necessary after a frigid session like this, not just to warm up; but literally just to get out of your wetsuit! Rock on guys! Those are some killer ice crowns, and gowns.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our new hobby!

This is totally awesome!! We need to get into this soon! Anyone have a crane we can borrow?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Southend Fires!

The southend went off this Monday!! Not quite as warm as Costa Rica, the water temp and air temp combined probably didn't add up to the Costa Rican water temps of 80 degrees.

Anyway, I would have liked to been down there Monday, but like most of us I was called to work. Nice to see these thumpers were captured be some.

Costa Rica

Now I know why everyone loves Costa Rica!

The whole time we were there the waves were the perfect size. Big enough to be a little scary but not big enough to keep you out of the water.

Hope the SAMA Crew had a great Thanksgiving!