People always ask what SAMA means. It started as kind of a joke. It was a sleeting, snowy day in early December. My friend and I were surfing a swell in Grand Haven. I looked over at him knowing we were supposed to both be at pre-Christmas family functions soon, and said "We are like Self Absorbed Michigan Adventurers." That kind of stuck, and like many of our friends we have a common passion for outdoor sports in Michigan, and we go out in any weather to get our sessions. He replied "Ya, SAMA!"

So it was born, the SAMA logo was fashioned by another like minded surfer friend from Grand Haven. SAMA is for all of you year round Michiganders and vacationers who know, love, and respect all the outdoor activities there are to do in Michigan. No matter the weather you will find us us out enjoying all the benefits of our unique freshwater paradise.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


What do you think? Pop-up vs. Hardwall. Too many pros and cons of each. Pop-up reduces drag and weight for that cross country trip and eventually many trips up to the promised land for point break freshwater goodness. But, hardwall gives you the satisfaction of four hard walls and all the protection from driving rain that usually accompany low pressure systems in which we hunt. But, pop-ups allow for nice air flow in the summer so the air conditioner doesn't need to run often. However, hardwalls have nice windows. I guess the main question one has to ask themselves is which camper will they be most satisfied with in the long term? Once again, stuck in contemplation station.....

Friday, July 24, 2009

SAMA in Austria

Sorry for the delay on this post but I'm heavy into the middle of making the movie of the awesome Austrian wedding adventures and came across this photo of Michael, Beau, Ben, and Johan representin' with the SAMA shirts outside the castle.  Lookin' good boys! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Truck Camper Obsession

Hey Samaistas!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been busy getting married, being in Europe for a month, kiteboarding, and fixing the house. However, I have still found some time for my favorite obsession! You guessed it, mentally engaging every little detail and nuance of the perfect truck camper rig. Many of you know that I subscribe to the email newsletter Truck Camper magazine, and this week the feature article was right up my alley. I have been thinking about doing a mission to AK sometime. Ever since I read "Call of the Wild" (my favorite book by the way) it has been a plan to visit Alaska. If you click on the title link you will be able to read all the details and exciting experiences the author had on his AK trip. But, he fully recommends the Dodge Cummins Diesel rig. The reliability and fuel economy are unmatched in his opinion. This dudes rig is the bomb! The search continues.....

I had to add a few more images from ANOTHER dude living the dream! The obvious old school truck camper, gas mileage is great but the rig is a little slow. The other one is a spare no expense rig! Plus, another photo of why someone would become obsessed with Alaska..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ProoohhHst! This is the toast in Austria that was heard many times during the WEEK! It's quite ironic that Aaron didn't have ein bier here b/c he never missed a day! :-) It was a bummer that there weren't any lederhosen that fit Aaron but Ben was pretty stoked to gear up Beau and Johan! Such a fun time celebrating the wedding together in Austria!
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